“We hired Dianne of Delo Interiors to design and manage our whole-home renovation in early 2015. As with many whole-home renovations, we encountered a number of issues throughout the process; however, Dianne remained calm and focused throughout each issue that arose and promptly provided several potential solutions for us to choose from.

She’s incredible at thinking quickly and devising excellent alternatives when required. She navigated some very strict condominium regulations, permit issues, faulty materials, flooding, construction errors, (etc.) with grace and ensured that our best interests were always taken care of. In addition to her unparalleled project management skills, her design vision for the space itself was well beyond anything we could have dreamed of. She balanced my husband’s love of colour with my desire for calm, cool, neutrals and cultivated a space that truly feels like us. She devised ingenious storage solutions and made this into a home that we will love for years to come.

We’ve been living in the finished space for a few months now and we have found that we love it even more than at first sight owing to its incredible (yet beautiful) functionality – Dianne is so mindful of the small things that make a home feel great to live in and she integrates them into the design in such an aesthetically pleasing manner - it's really quite remarkable. We absolutely love our home and we have Dianne to thank for it. From initial vision to final project execution, she is the absolute best designer and we will, without a doubt, hire her again for our next project." - Catherine B.

Dianne was excellent throughout our project. Her design ideas were excellent, fit perfectly within our desired aesthetic and her drawings perfectly matched what we agreed was to be accomplished. We had no issues coordinating her drawings with our construction crew. We are very happy with the final product and I would give her an excellent recommendation to anyone who is considering using her. - Nigel L.

When we bought a condo for the first time, after living in our home for 31 years, we loved the space, and our idea of the atmosphere we wanted to live in was a dramatic departure from the style when we purchased it. I was going on trust that you could create the decor that would make it home for us.

You were very skilled, quick and communicative and gave us choices. Our choice was easy from your sets, and we find the overall impact of the colour combination leaves us still, 6 months later, surprised and delighted with the elegance and warmth. You made many decisions for us which would for me have been impossible. Your ease in solving the problems which arose to be addressed in the space was more than worthwhile. I do recommend to all my 60-something friends that working with you can change the whole set of possibilities and make it possible to have a space that is what they want and couldn't create themselves.- Fran K.

“It was a pleasure working with Dianne. We were in need of great design advice and insight along with drawings, and she delivered on all counts! She understood our aesthetic vision and provided us with options that were creative, flexible and within our budget. I would not hesitate to work with her again. Our guest bathroom and master ensuite in particular are truly fantastic and garner lots of compliments." - Alexis. S

We were really impressed with the service and standard of work we received from Delo. Dianne worked closely with us to help create a beautiful look for our bedroom that suited us and our budget. We couldn't be happier with the finished product. - Taylor M.

My wife and I hired Delo Interiors to design, tender and manage the complete renovation of our home. We were not the easiest clients because we did not know exactly what we wanted - other than we wanted it to look great and be a perfect home for our family! Dianne did an amazing job of interpreting our different styles and interests and creating an overall cohesive design. She consistently acted in a professional manner and managed both the schedule and budget effectively. My family and I could not be happier with our new home and would not hesitate to recommend Dianne and Delo Interiors. - John E. & Ashley C.

Dianne Leadbetter from Delo Interiors saved my life! Or rather I should say she saved me from living in a bright aqua blue nightmare. When I bought a new condo in downtown Toronto I was excited to decorate. The day before the painters were coming I panicked! I had only ever picked university bedroom paint colours. I had no experience for picking colours that would complement furniture and be calming and beautiful to look at every day. Fortunately, Delo Interiors came to the rescue. Dianne’s expertise quickly shined. In no time I had an exquisite pallet of colours to paint my small condo.

She was able to provide me with insight about accent walls, how to make rooms look bigger using paint and tying in warm and cool colours. I am happy to report that even 1 year later I still get complements on my paint colours, so much so that I am constantly asked for the names of the colours so that other people can use them in their homes. I would recommend Delo Interiors to anyone who is looking to create a beautiful space that is polished, warm and pleasing to the senses. In fact, I will guarantee I will be hiring Delo Interiors the next time I am looking to refresh my space.- Caley B.